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Commercial Window Cleaning

Rope Access Cleaning

Abridge Cleaning specialise in rope access techniques (abseiling) enabling our window cleaners to clean windows that would normally be extremely difficult to access.

Many cleaning companies subcontract rope access work out to specialist rope access companies; the problem has always been that some of these companies do not always employ experienced window cleaners, meaning that quality and standard of window cleaning can be a big problem.

At Abridge cleaning services, our staff are window cleaners first and foremost. We then have them professionally trained in rope access by the International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). Abridge do this to ensure that our window cleaners will clean your windows to the highest possible standard.

Abridge Cleaning work to the British Standard for Rope Access techniques and all operatives are trained by IRATA to ensure the safest and most up to date techniques and equipment are used. All rope access technicians are retrained and certified every three years.

Cradle Work

Abridge Cleaning carry out window cleaning tasks from window cleaners cradles. Many large buildings in London, and surrounding areas have cradle systems to allow access to the outside of the building at high levels.

These access cradles are mainly used by window cleaning companies and it very important that the window cleaners have the correct training and qualifications to use the cradles professionally and safely.

Abridge Cleaning Services have insurance cover with no height restrictions. We also ensure that our window cleaners are trained to use every cradle system on every building we work in. This applies even if we use the same system on another building.

Water Fed Poles

Using water fed poles for window cleaning is safe and effective. This method allows access to external windows up to a height of 80ft. This can save our clients money compared to other working at height methods.

This method also complies favourably with the hierarchy of control in the working at height regulations 2005 by taking away the need for work at height.

Eyebolts & Latchways

Abridge Cleaning have been providing quality industrial and commercial window cleaning services using fixed anchor points for many years.

Health and Safety approved eyebolts for window cleaning can often be the answer for that high level window cleaning requirements. Many buildings have safety tested eyebolts for window cleaning, they can be quite often installed internally in the building allowing the window cleaner to clean external windows whilst his harness lanyard is fastened to a fixed anchor point.


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